Week 12 Reflective Post

22 Oct

In this week, we plan to have a guest lecture. However, due to the sudden availability of the planned guest lecturer, we did not have lecture this week. Hence, for this weekly online journal, I will write a reflective post about the both two assignments. In addition, I will reflect what I have learned and gained from this unit through this semester.

Reflection on Assignment

We have two assignments for this unit. The first one is about reflective dialogue journal. For completing this task, I have maintained writing a blog post each week. The blog posts are critical reflection upon the content of lectures, guest presentations, tutorial, readings and assignment progress. For example, I have summarised the major key points mentioned during the classroom session. In particular, I have chosen some critical topic I am really interested in, and taken much more investigation and research on that area. In addition, I have also reported the progress that I work on my assignment 2. In order to make my post informative and impressive, I use WordPress as my blog platform. Many pictures, videos and clickable links are inserted to my posts. I will provide my blog site address again at the end of this post.

For assignment 2, the first component is about service description, and the second component is to write a client advising letter for proposing an electronic medical record system. In the first part of this assignment, I have conducted as web-based research in order to identify services. There are seven services that have been determined. They are Carsales, Linkedin, SurveyMonkey, PayPal, Google Groups, WordPress (Blog), and Twitter. All of these services come from different domains and offer various functionality. Each service is described with reference to overall functionality, stakeholders, constraints on access, technical access, pricing factors, legal factors and delivery model. These services are further analysed regarding service integration. In the advising letter, I present a good example, which I have recently read for the Internet, to support my advice. It describes a middle aged man has had some health issues. He complains that his medical records are scattered all over different doctors’ offices. This makes it harder for him to get well. Whenever he goes to a new doctor, he has to explain his health history all over again. This is a waste of time for both him and his doctor. Based on this patient’s expression, it apparently shows that a need for the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record system is very urgent.

Reflection on the Unit

Through this unit, I have learned so many information about impact of Information Technology, and how IT is changing the world. I think the lectures are well prepared and designed. They cover various areas such as government, education, health, e-commerce, business process management, enterprise architecture and gaming in order to deliver the impact of IT. In particular, guest lecturers provide us much more information and knowledge in the real world. Tutorials and weekly readings are also very helpful. I discuss some hot issues arose from lectures and assignment questions with the tutor in tutorial session. By reading weekly reading, I gain further understanding of a specific topic, for example, Green IT. In conclusion, this unit provides me a solid grounding knowledge about impact of IT.

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