Blogging & Micro Blogging: New Weapons for Enterprises

02 Sep

Blogging and Micro Blogging are flexible practices and web-based technologies that are increasingly being used within enterprises and organizations to ease the creation and dissemination of information (The Gilbane Report 2005), as well as making it easier for companies to communicate effectively with customers, partners, and the public.

Consequently, many enterprises are willing to use blogs to collaborate, research, document and share information. It is apparent that based on customer requests and needs, enterprises implement a general enterprise-wide blog service. There are at least two different kinds of corporate blogs: external blogs, which can be read by people outside the corporation; and internal blogs, which are only accessible by people within the firm (Jackson 2007). It becomes clear that most corporate blog are used externally. For example, Lenovo has adopted some social networking applications including Twitter and Forums into its workplace (Lenovo 2010). Obviously, corporate blog is an essential web tool to contribute its digital environments. Lenovo blogs aim to enhance marketing awareness, attract searches and publish news as well as thoughts. There are also some successful corporate blogs such as Adobe, Zillow, Facebook, Dell, Linkedin, Flickr and General Motors. All of these business and corporate blogs create specific benefits for their enterprises including expertise sharing, issues resolving, interests identifying, new products testing, as well as internal and executive communicating. As a consequence, it can be realized that corporate blogs not only enhance the credibility of enterprises, but also become closer to their customers.

During the last couple years, micro blogging – a kind of blogging where users publish snippets of information about their daily activities and thoughts has become the newest Internet trend. Online micro blogging services such as Twitter, which provide an alternative communication and social networking channel, have quickly become popular.

Although micro blogging is still new in enterprises, many corporates have tried to adopt it with some successful stories. Yammer is the leading real-time communication platform for companies, groups and organizations. Yammer is a Twitter clone for corporations. It is meant to be “a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: ‘Share something with My Colleagues’”. The following figure shows a screenshot of a sample Yammer network.

Many companies such as AMD, SMG, Suncorp and Nationwide integrate this kind of micro blogging application into their organizations. For instance, Deloitte Australia is the Australian partnership of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and its subsidiaries. Peter Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital Pty Ltd, states that “Yammer has gone beyond all of our expectations and has become embedded in the way that we’re doing things. It’s helped drive innovation and build community at Deloitte, and we’re finding new value in the tool every day (Yammer 2010).” Benefits for Deloitte AU achieved as

  • Deloitte Australia leveraged the power of its collective employee base to gather taglines for a campaign and unlock hidden value in its organization.
  • Deloitte Australia saved time and money by not having to hire an outside advertising firm.
  • Employees felt engaged and built team camaraderie through collaboration.
  • Different departments discussed similar topics, but surfaced and shared different ideas.

Here is a video about Deloitte Digital CEO discussing Yammer


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